Custom Heat Transfer Printing Options

What Types Of Heat Transfer Printing Is Good? When t-shirts, work uniforms, and other items are customised using heat transfer printing, the outcome will depend on the quality of the image and the type of material used in the heat transfer process. Companies providing heat transfer printing services in Singapore use different approaches for various […]

Cargo Insurance: What is it?

Transportation of goods around the globe is associated with certain risks. As carriers hardly guarantee safe delivery, there is always a risk of loss or damage. This is where cargo insurance comes in. It is the way to protect consignments from physical damage and theft or pilferage during their movement from one place to another. […]

Factors Influencing The Insurance Amount

Everybody in their lifetime will require medical assistance. Commercial insurance provides medical insurance to help equip the employees in the case of sudden mishaps. Without good health, an employee cannot contribute a 100% to his company. When health is hampered, mental stability is disturbed which causes a hindrance to the employee’s productivity. Medical insurance is […]

The Lowdown on Commercial Vehicle Insurance Claims

It is not an easy job running a business when the expenditure spirals out of control and profit margins do not show any sign of improvement. Let us look objectively at the industry that has been reeling under because of a variety of factors, some because of reckless driving, bad vehicles, improper roads to name […]

Registering voters at Fiesta

  The other night I did an 8pm-12am voter registration shift at the Fiesta Mart on 38-1/2 and I-35. Considering that it was a rainy day in a non-presidential-election year, the turnout was good. While the noon-time and 4pm-8pm shifts seemed to be the busy ones, we got a good stream ourselves and beat our […]

Positive Thinking

Despite my enthusiasm for political blogging, I’m still having trouble working out a system for doing it consistently. For today, let me just offer up this quote from Van Jones, an activist doing work to connect issues of environmentalism, community development, and incarceration: One thing I’ve been saying a lot lately is that Dr. King […]

Look at Red mortality rates too

From the January 2005 Harper’s Index: Average number of suicides per 100,000 residents in states carried by President Bush in November: 13.5 Average number in states carried by John Kerry: 9.9 and: Hours after Kerry conceded that a New Yorker posted a personal ad seeking a Bush supporter for a “fair, physical fight”: 5 Number […]

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