Common Types of Shower Taps in Malaysia

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Whether you want to renovate your entire bathroom or upgrade only your shower, it is important that you change your shower tap as well.

Since your shower tap can determine how well your shower works, it is wise that you invest in a high-quality and long-lasting one.

Presently, there are different types of shower taps in Malaysia. While all of them are great and have a couple of unique features, not all of them will complement the décor of your bathroom or suit your bathing needs.

To find the best type of shower tap for your bathroom, you have to take a close look at the various types of shower taps on the market.

In this article, we are going to take a close look at the types of shower taps in Malaysia.

Single handle shower taps

As you probably guessed, a single handle shower tap has only one lever or knob that allows users to do everything from adjusting water flow to temperature control.

Single shower taps are very common in Malaysia. They are usually used in residential buildings and some hotels.

They usually have a minimalistic design that will blend perfectly with the décor of an average bathroom. What’smore, they are easy to use.

Single shower taps are best suited for people who have a small bathroom that can’t accommodate a double handle shower tap.

Double handle shower taps

Double handle shower taps have been around for a long time. You are likely going to find them in old hotels and some residential houses.

Presently, there are modern double handle shower taps that will look great in most modern bathrooms.

The way and manner the double hand shower tap works is different from that of the single handle shower tap. The first thing you will notice when you see a double handle shower taps are its levers or knob.

Some models of this shower tap have special diverters that can work as another handle for the shower.

Size and shapes of shower taps

Shower taps come in different shapes and sizes.

In the Malaysian market, you will find shower tap models that are rectangular, square, and circular.

While you have the freedom to opt for basically any size of shower tap, you should choose compact models, especially if you have a small bathroom. However, if your bathroom is large and spacious, you can opt for large models.

Never settle for average quality and function

If you are on a tight budget, you may be tempted to purchase a low-quality shower tap just to save a few bucks. Doing this is by no means a good idea, as it may become faulty after a short while.

You can prevent this by purchasing only high-quality shower taps.

Final note

Since your shower tap can affect your showering experience, you must invest in a high-quality one. As mentioned above, there are different types and models of shower tap on the market.

The two most popular models on the market are the single and double handle showertaps. Do well to consider your bathing needs, the size of your bathroom, and a few other things before choosing betweenthem.

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