Essential requirements of a quality cargo insurance provider

Although no one likes, risks of losses, damages, claims are almost an inevitable part of transportation. But the claim settlement could either be slicing through the cake or turn into a nightmare based on the cargo insurance provider and the coverage chosen.

Plenty of insurance providers are out in the market offering cargo insurance and all claiming to be the best. This makes finding the right cargo insurance provider a challenging task. One needs to do a lot of research for this.

It has to be kept in mind that charging the highest premium does not necessarily mean that the cargo insurance policy will provide the best possible coverage. The basic thing is one needs is an insurance provider who takes care of the freight. While looking for the right insurance provider one must check if the provider offers varieties of flexible policies for different needs.

They should also offer coverage for all risks during transit of the cargo. Moreover, they must have qualified insurance experts for easy navigation through the claim settlement process.

This article by Chrobinson highlights the importance of cargo insurance and its benefits.

What is Cargo Insurance and Why Is It Important?

Transporting goods around the world is not without certain risks. And if you’ve ever shipped something internationally, you realize just how many things could go wrong while goods are in transit. That’s where cargo insurance comes in. Read more here!

Cargo Insurance: Different types for international shipping

Because of the highly competitive market, small and medium scale enterprises are also now forced to look beyond the country shore. It has become essential to survive the competition from the big brands in their similar business.

This is why international shipping is needed for bridging the gap with the offshore markets for getting an extensive customer base. And, for this, the SMEs need to have Cargo Insurance for financial security against losses. But losses can be of many types and so the insurance coverage. One should opt for all-risk insurance coverage for international shipping.

They cover losses caused by many factors including Cargo abandonment, customs rejection, improper stowage, negligence, strikes, riots, War, etc. Opting for named peril insurance is another option. These policies pay for what is exactly covered.

This usually includes damages due to collision of vessels, sinking, inclement weather, theft, burning, and non-delivery. An SME can also consider getting a General Average option for avoiding liabilities in case of invoking a general average claim.

This article by Business Articles Hub presents the different types of international shipping.

The Importance of Cargo Insurance for International Shipping

Cargo insurance is a necessary preventative measure in today’s globalized market. With customers’ expectations at an all-time high, cargo insurance provides SMEs with financial security, if goods are damaged, lost, or stolen during transit. Insurance coverage varies according to the type of policy.

While every shipping carrier provides insurance, the scope of this coverage varies; therefore businesses are advised to buy additional coverage to ensure their goods are secured with a comprehensive insurance plan. Read more here!

What is the cost involved for Cargo Insurance?

Business and transportation are intimately related. And when it comes to the movement of goods from the place of origin to another destination, it is always associated with a risk of damage, loss, or theft. This is why Cargo insurance is a must for domestic and global insurance.

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all type of cargo insurance. As the nature of the cargo and the mode of transportation differ, different needs arise and that ask for different cargo insurance coverages. This is why the premiums for cargo insurance vary so widely. Several factors influence the premium rate. First is the type of cargo.

If it is a high-value cargo or a high-risk cargo, the premium rate will be higher.  Deductibles are also responsible for fixing the premium rate. Paying more out of pocket attracts a low rate. Last but not least is the amount of additional coverage. Plenty of cargo needs tailored insurance coverage during transit because of its sensitive nature. They attract higher premiums. 

This article by UPS Capital explains the various cost and factors involved in Cargo insurance premium.

How Much Does Cargo Insurance Cost? 3 Factors Driving Your Cargo Insurance Premium

The global economy is flourishing. Economy experts on trade policy confirmed United States trade with foreign countries amounted to $5.6 trillion in 2018, making it the third largest exporter and second largest importer in the world. This growth is encouraging and opportunity continues to feed the competitive nature of today’s markets. But with growth, comes risk. According to the World Trade Organization, risk lies at the very core of increasing trade and could potentially threaten economic growth and confidence.

Consequently, businesses are prioritizing protection for the transportation of their goods with services like cargo insurance. So, how much does cargo insurance cost? Read here for more!

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