bath tub faucets in a pink bathroom

Signs You Need To Change Your Faucet

bath tub faucets in a pink bathroom

When Do You Need To Change Your Faucet?

If you have had your faucet for a long while, you are likely to start noticing some changes. The appeal it once held is missing, or it just doesn’t seem to be working as well as it once did. Faucets have a lifespan just like any other home fixtures and appliances. 

The following are some of the signs that tell you it is time to change your faucet.

The Faucet Keeps Leaking

Faucets start leaking for one reason or another. Sometimes, it is because it is worn out. Hard water tends to slowly corrode parts of the faucets, such that gaps emerge at the seams. When this happens, the faucet will start leaking. You need a new faucet. 

Your Faucet Is Outdated

When you start noticing the new faucets in the market, your dislike for your old faucet is likely to grow. You will start noticing things about it that you don’t like. If you badly want to upgrade your faucet, there is no harm in it. You can add functionality and improve efficiency by getting pullout faucets, swivels, or even sensor-controlled faucets. 

Water Wastage

If you occasionally hear your faucets running because someone forgot to turn them off, you need a new faucet. Water wastage may also occur when the faucet is left running just for a few minutes while you go to stir your pot. It may not appear like you are losing a lot of water, but over time, you will be paying for water you did not use. 

It Doesn’t Fit In With Your Decor

You should get a more suitable faucet if you have recently upgraded your kitchen or bathroom fixtures and decor, but the faucet looks out of place. The faucet is often the focal point, irrespective of the room. An attractive faucet will automatically enhance your kitchen’s or bathroom’s aesthetic appeal. 

You Are Struggling To Sell Your House

Buyers hardly ever look at a property based on the changes they can make, but they judge it as it is. No one wants to move into the house and immediately start changing faucets. If your faucets are preventing you from quickly selling the house, change them. Not only will you make the house more appealing, but you could easily raise its value. 

The Faucet Is Rusty

Some faucets start rusting after years of exposure to water. Unfortunately, this happens even to faucets that appear to be made from high-quality material. Some finishes only work for a little while. When they start wearing out, the metal within is exposed, and so it will start rusting. Rusted faucets are a sore sight and need to be replaced.

The Water Has a Strange Taste And Smell

When you notice a change in the smell and taste of the water coming from your pipes, it could be the pipes are worn out, or the faucet is rusting. Since changing pipes is a longer process, you should check the faucets first. It is also possible that the corroding pipes have affected your faucet. 

Have a plumber check the source of the problem. Buying new faucets may not solve the problem if the pipes are worn out.

Sometimes, you may be forced to replace the faucet because of reasons beyond your control. However, you may also decide to upgrade your faucets to a more recent technology and style. Whatever your reasons, you will no doubt enjoy the benefits of having newer and better bathroom faucets.

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