Top Considerations When Choosing a Shower Tap in Malaysia

how to choose a shower tap in Malaysia

Is your present shower tap working well? If no, you should make plans to change it as soon as you can.

As you likely know, a shower tap is an essential fixture in any bathroom. So, if yours is faulty or is not working the way it should, you are not going to have a great bathing experience.

Presently, there are different types and models of shower tap on the Malaysian market. While some are of high quality and can withstand consistent use, others are fragile and may become faulty after a short while.

To accurately narrow down the best shower tap for your bathroom, there are some important things to keep in mind before making a final decision. Read on here to learn about some of them.

Start with the shower valve

Even if you install a high-quality shower tap, it may not work properly. Most times, the reason for this is linked to the shower valves used. This means that if you install a top-quality and durable shower valve, the tap is likely going to last longer.

The shower valve refers to the plumbing fixture that controls the water that streams through the tap.

Shower valve material

It is easy to assume that all shower valves are great and of high quality, but that is far from the truth. The various types and models of shower valves on the market are made with different materials. Do a little research to narrow down high quality and durable ones that will complement the décor of your bathroom.

Tap type and configurations

The two common types of shower tap on the market are the-solo models and the all-in-one models. As you likely guessed, the single models have only a single knob that allows users to determine the intensity of water flow.

The all-in-one models are usually pricey, as they have more features. They are perfect for people who plan on mixing hot and cold water.

The right tap style

If you are new to shower taps, you may assume that any shower tap will look great in your bathroom. But that isn’t true. In fact, installing a shower tap that doesn’t complement the décor of your bathroom may make your bathroom look ugly.

Check the water pressure in your home

Another important thing you must do before choosing a shower tap is to check the water pressure in your home. Many of the hardware stores in Malaysia have testers that can help you determine the water pressure of your home.

Do well to invest in shower taps that can support the water pressure of your home.

Keep in mind that factors like clogs, old pipes, leaks, and a few others can reduce water pressure drastically.

Final note

Truth be told, choosing a shower tap in Malaysia isn’t easy, especially now that there are so many models on the market.

To effectively narrow down the best one for your home, you first have to consider factors like your budget, the water pressure of your home, and the design of your bathroom.

If you want your shower tap to remain in good working condition for years, you have to upgrade your shower valve.

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